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Gastroenterology Consultation

When digestion and other gastrointestinal issues are troubling you, it's time to visit the office of Five Towns Gastroenterology. As skilled specialists, we understand the complexities of the GI system and are well-equipped to care for all conditions affecting digestion and associated functions. Whether it's the treatment of common disorders such as acid reflux and irritable bowel disease or screening for colon cancer and polyp detection, or more, we provide the experienced and compassionate care you require.

At your consultation visit, our gastroenterologist will review your medical history and ask about the symptoms you're experiencing. Our doctors will also discuss any contributing hereditary, lifestyle, or dietary factors that may affect your risk of disease or influence your symptoms. It can help to come prepared with relevant information, including a list of medications, dosages, and symptoms.

In some cases, you may only need to see one of our gastroenterologists one time for an opinion or recommendation before returning to your primary care physician. However, if you have an acute or chronic condition that requires testing to confirm the diagnosis and/or provide treatment, we'll schedule additional appointments as needed. Once we have all the necessary information, we will discuss your case with you and outline your best options in care.

If you are coming to our office for a second opinion, please have any previous test results forwarded. We may recommend and perform new or additional testing and exams as indicated. Once we have all the test and exam results, we will provide you with our findings.

About Us

At Five Towns Gastroenterology we are dedicated to providing high-quality care for all your gastrointestinal health needs.