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Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

A flexible sigmoidoscopy is a procedure used to examine the lower part of the colon and rectum. It provides valuable insights into colorectal health and represents an essential procedure for diagnosing, preventing, and providing early intervention in cases of colorectal diseases.

About the procedure

Unlike a full colonoscopy, which examines the entire colon, a flexible sigmoidoscopy exclusively focuses on the sigmoid colon and rectum. It uses a flexible, narrow tube called a sigmoidoscope equipped with a light and a camera at its tip. This tiny camera transmits high-resolution images to a monitor, allowing our gastroenterologist to examine the colon's lining for abnormalities. The procedure enables us to remove polyps and biopsy any suspicious tissue as indicated.

Reasons for a flexible sigmoidoscopy

Our office may recommend the procedure to check for and evaluate various colorectal conditions, including polyps, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), colorectal cancer, and unexplained rectal bleeding. It offers us valuable information to help determine what may be causing the symptoms and medical management.

Colorectal cancer screening

Early detection of colorectal cancer is crucial, as it significantly improves the chances of successful treatment. A flexible sigmoidoscopy allows our gastroenterologists to detect and remove polyps or abnormal tissue growths in the lower colon, which can potentially develop into cancer over time.

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